New arrivals!

Marching into spring with a smorgasbord of new boards! Dual NVMe, NVMe with Coral Edge TPU, NVMe with Ethernet and more!

We also have something that'll let you use your two other Pineberry boards together. It is time to stack'em up with the HatBRICK Commander!


HatNET! 2.5G

PCI Express 2.5 Gigabit Ethernet. Now in stock!


HatDrive! Top Bundle

Everything you need to get started!

  • HatDrive! Top
  • Pinedrive NVMe SSD 256GB (2242)
  • Universal Housing

Hat AI! Coral Edge TPU Bundle

Hat AI! can now be purchased together with the Google Coral Edge TPU


HatDrive! Bottom Bundle

HatDrive! Bottom is now available in a bundle with our Universal Housing and the 2280 Pinedrive NVMe SSD!


Universal Housing

The ultimate companion for all your Pineberry boards. Meticulously designed to cater to our range of innovative products, including the HatDrive! Top, HatDrive! Bottom, and Hat Ai!, this housing ensures a perfect fit for both current and upcoming boards.


We are more than just the HatDrive!

Guess what? We've actually managed to integrate Android into Tesla vehicles by utilizing the Compute Module 4. And here's the kicker - the entire platform is 100% open source!

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We brought external GPUs to life on the Compute Module 4!

Although some may perceive our motives as meme-driven, the underlying objective behind this project is to catalyze a transformation of personal computing, as leading players gradually distance themselves from the X86 platform.

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