Our products are designed and assembled in Poland 🇵🇱 🇪🇺


Hat AI!

Introducing the Hat! Ai! - your gateway to integrating the Google Coral Edge TPU into your Raspberry Pi 5 projects.



HatDrive! Top

Our base HAT for the Raspberry Pi 5. Supercharge your setup with NVMe GEN3 storage. This HatDrive mounts on the top of the board and supports 2230 and 2242 NVMe drives.


Turn the performance up to 11! 🚀

Our custom ribbon cables for HatDrive! have impedance control and are specifically engineered to support PCIe GEN 3 speeds on the Raspberry Pi 5!


HatDrive! Bottom

Raspberry Pi 5 expansion board that maintains optimal airflow and provides easy access to GPIO expansion. This HatDrive securely mounts underneath the board and is compatible with NVMe drives up to 2280.


In production now!

We have completed the engineering and testing phases. All necessary components have been acquired and we are now commencing mass production.

We are more than just the HatDrive!

Guess what? We've actually managed to integrate Android into Tesla vehicles by utilizing the Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4. And here's the kicker - the entire platform is 100% open source!

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We brought external GPUs to life on the Compute Module 4!

Although some may perceive our motives as meme-driven, the underlying objective behind this project is to catalyze a transformation of personal computing, as leading players gradually distance themselves from the X86 platform.

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Our story

Combining our unparalleled knowledge in Raspberry Pi single board computers, software, and hardware engineering, PineBerry Pi has embarked on an exceptional journey. It has truly been an unforgettable experience!