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Pineberry Pi

HatBRICK! Commander (2 ports, GEN 2) for Raspberry Pi 5

HatBRICK! Commander (2 ports, GEN 2) for Raspberry Pi 5

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It's time to stack'em up!

Introducing the HatBRICK! Commander, an advanced expansion board engineered specifically for integration with the Raspberry Pi 5. This product is a pivotal innovation from Pineberry Pi, designed to expand the capabilities of your Raspberry Pi by enabling the connection of two additional PCIe boards. With the HatBRICK! Commander, users can significantly enhance their Raspberry Pi projects, leveraging increased connectivity and versatility.

Key Features and Specifications:

  • Tailored for Raspberry Pi 5: The HatBRICK! Commander is meticulously designed to complement the Raspberry Pi 5, ensuring seamless compatibility and performance.
  • Dual Board Expansion: This feature allows for the connection of two additional Pineberry Pi boards, providing users with the flexibility to expand their projects' scope and functionality.
  • ASMedia PCIe Switch Integration: The board incorporates an ASMedia PCIe Switch (Gen2 variant), facilitating reliable and efficient data transfer between connected devices.
  • Comprehensive Mounting Hardware: The package includes a full set of mounting hardware, compatible with a wide range of board configurations, including taller boards like the HatNET 2.5G Ethernet.
  • Optional 5V Input: For projects requiring additional power, an optional 5V input is available, designed to connect directly to the Raspberry Pi's GPIO pins.
  • Included FPC Ribbon Cables: Three FPC ribbon cables are provided, simplifying the connection process and offering flexibility in setup and configuration.
  • High-Quality Design and Components: The HatBRICK! Commander is built with premium materials and components, ensuring durability and reliability for all types of projects.
  • Professional and User-Friendly: Designed with both novice and experienced users in mind, the HatBRICK! Commander is easy to integrate into any project, without compromising on professionalism or functionality.
  • Accessories Kit: Each unit comes with a complete accessory kit, ensuring that users have all necessary components to get started immediately.

Important Notice: Please be aware that booting from NVMe storage through a PCIe switch is currently not supported. Users planning to utilize NVMe storage should consider this limitation when designing their projects.

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